Tabata flutter kicks :20 on :10 off (hold)

5:00 min amrap 
5 sandbag front squats 
5 sandbag thrusters
50 ft sandbag carry

6 sets partial rep sandbag squats 
2 sets bottom half range of motion
2 sets middle range of motion
2 sets top half range of motion 

4 sets 
Box jumps x 6 reps 
50 ft sprint or bike 20 sec 

Back squat 
2 sets x 8 reps (quality)
2 sets x 5 reps (speed)
Build to heavy 3 rep 


Tabata flutter kicks :20 on :10 off (hold)5:00 min amrap 5 sandbag front squats 5 sandbag thrusters50 ft sandbag carry6 sets partial rep sandbag squats 2 sets bottom half range of motion2 sets middle range of motion2 sets top half range of motion 4 sets Box jumps x 6...

THURSDAY 2.21.2019 WOD

WARM-UPAwareness Drill COACH WARM-UPPART 110 Sets Every :20 Sec2 Back Squats @ 50-60% (NO HEAVIER)Rest 1 Min8 Sets Every :20 Sec3 Hang Clean High Pulls @ 50-60% (NO HEAVIER) PART 23 Rds1,000 M Row30 DB Reverse Fly’s40 OH Walking Lunges 45/2550 Bench Press 75/505 Rds20...


WARM-UPHSPU Practice3 RDS10 Wide Grip Pull-Downs:30 GHD Hollow HoldPART 115-20 Min Clock2 Pause Push Press (3 Sec Pause In the Dip)5 Russian Dips Or Dips Between Boxes15 Banded Back Extensions PART 2“THE HOUND”(W/ A Partner Break It Up However You See Fit)16 Min...

TUESDAY 2.19.2019 WOD

WARM-UPAwareness Drill/Strict TTB 3 Min AMRAP2 Weighted Seated Box Jump10 Med Ball Push-Ups Squat Clean Warm-Up PART 1Complex Of The Day – 10-12 Min Clock 2 Hang Squat Cleans + 1 Squat Clean (This Can Be Done Touch And Go) PART 2  “WHITE WOLF”15-12-9-6Squat Clean...

MONDAY 2.18.2019 WOD

NO 7PM CLASS TONIGHTWARM-UPAwareness Drill3 RDS (W/ A Partner)6 Supinated Bent Over Rows 6 R/L Goblet Step-Ups  PART 1 15 Min Clock2 RM Front Squat        PART 2“MOUNT RUSHMORE”(Team Of 2 or 3, Athlete Starts At Different Staions)6 Min AMRAP 15/12 Cal AB12...

SUNDAY 2.17.2019 WOD

PART I - 40"/20" COUPLETS3 Sets Each (24 Minute Clock)A1. Kettlebell Russian SwingA2. Kettlebell Gorilla RowRest 2 MinutesB1. Dumbbell Overhead CarryB2. Dumbell Front SquatRest 2 MinutesC1. Dumbbell Floor PressC2. Kettlebell DeadliftPART II:  "CHURN & BURN"2...