Every few months the Coaches choose one person who exudes the attitude and work ethic of a true CrossFitter.  We chose you because you work well with all types of people, have developed skills through hard work and practice (strict pull-ups!), kicked ass in all of the Challenges and always have a smile on your face and kind words for other members.  It’s having members/friends like you that remind us why we opened this business in the first place.

How long have you been CrossFitting? – It will be 2 years this November.

Why did you join CrossFit Stamford? – Johnnie introduced me to it because I needed self-competitive, ever-changing exercise to stay motivated to get back into shape after having 2 kids with the ongoing goal of lifelong health and fitness.

What is your favorite movement? – Thrusters

What is your least favorite movement? – Kipping pull-ups continue to be my nemesis, but I am still trying

What is the best thing about CrossFit Stamford? – It has changed my entire life. I swear by the principles of The Challenge and combining that with the community of coaches and friends here makes it everything I need to stay fit.

Most memorable moment? – When the Thrusters/Double Unders RX came up in this year’s Open, I was awake for hours the night before because I was pretty sure I could do it but was terrified because I wasn’t even in the Open. And then I did it with Prita the next morning and actually finished it with a respectable time. I was on an absolute high for the entire weekend and haven’t felt that way since competitive sports in college.

What are your fitness goals 3 months & 1 year from now? – In 3 months I want to see more strength up by resuming at least 3 times a week at the gym. I was able to get to 4 strict pull-ups with that plan and would like to add a few more. 1 year from now I’d love to have the strength + technique to be able to do kipping pull-ups and T2B so I can start focusing on RX in the workouts.

What is your favorite Challenge friendly food? What do you eat when you give into a craving? Steak with potatoes, butter and any kind of vegetables is my fav Challenge food. Wine is my non-compliant passion.

What advice would you give a potential new member? Don’t worry about becoming a pro CrossFitter on Day 1. If you can remain consistent, listen to the coaches, and just try, the strength and ability and muscle memory come together over time – and it will change your body. And do the Challenge – DO IT – it rounds out the rest of the formula for a sustainably healthy lifestyle.

A celebrity joins the gym, who do you hope it is and why? The Rock – such a motivating, hard worker and a happy, grateful person. Would love to be around that vibe.

Tell us something we don’t know about you. I LOVE organizing. Give me a messy room or space and I’ll organize it as a form of therapy. If I had more time, I’d be organizing the dumbbells every day 🙂