OPTION 1: Active Recovery

After the Group Warm Up perform in order:

A. Foam Roll / Lacrosse Ball for 10 Minutes

B. Row Bike or Jog at a conversational pace for 10 Minutes

C. 10 Min AMRAP NFT focusing on PERFECT reps at conversational pace of:
10 Pushups
10 Air Squats
10 AbMat Situps with Feet in Butterfly Position
10 Walking Lunges
10 Ring Rows or 5 Strict Pullups

D. 10 Min of Static Stretching


Class WOD


2 Min Row, Bike or Jump Rope

Shoulder Opener 

1 RNFT – Mini Bands on Wrists
15 External Rotations Palms Up
15 Standing Bench Press
15 Standing Overhead Press


12-8-4-12-8-4 Close Grip Bench Press



3 Rounds NFT Rest As Needed

Sandbag Ground to Shoulder 2R + 2L then Bear Hug and Walk Length of
Gym and Back Twice

Axle Strict Press 8 Reps – Athlete’s Choice of starting Weight

Double KB Front Rack Walk Length of Gym and Back Twice

Elevated Ring Row 8 Reps – Thumbs should touch chest at the top, use 2 rings

Coach Led Cool Down and Stretch