Thursday 6:00 Strongman

External oblique opener
Bicep opener
Shoulder opener

Dips with weight & Barbell Rows TAO (Task Oriented)
EMOM (every minute on the minute) for 7 mns
For 7 mns, on the minute, you will do:
Dips with weight (5 reps) straight into Barbell rows supinated grip (5 reps).

Bench & Rope Pulls & Dumbbell Presses TYQ (Till You Quit)
1 set to muscle failure

Find a heavy close grip bench press for 5 reps, then do 5 close grip bench press straight into 5 regular grip bench press straight into 5 wide grip bench press. If you make it through 5 wide grip bench press, go back to close and keep going. If you make it through again of all 15 reps the weight is to light!

Straight into max distance rope pull in internal torque. The minute you go into external torque the set is over.

Straight into Dumbbell strict press goal is 10 reps. Once you can’t get anymore strict change to push press until complete failure!

Wide-Grip Supinated Strict Pull-ups & Ab-wheel TAO (Task Oriented)
EMOM 6 mns
5 Pull-ups + 5 Ab-wheel rollouts
*you will do all 10 reps on the minute