Each month the coaches vote for one member who exudes the attitude and work ethic of a true CrossFitter. Devin has been a big part of the community for close to a year and has been involved in the CrossFit Stamford community right from the get go. She always tries hard and is very welcoming to new members. She makes the whole CFS community better!

How long have you been CrossFitting?

I completed On Ramp in October of 2012, so July would mark my 10th month CrossFitting. My palms haven’t been the same since.

Why did you join CrossFit Stamford?

I joined CFS for a multitude of reasons. Who doesn’t though, right? It’s difficult to explain, but at the heart of my membership is a superficial bet: if I could get my weight down to 120 pounds my Uncle would buy me a new wardrobe. I’d already begun restructuring my diet, but I desperately needed to incorporate the exercise component, and that’s when my big brother said, “Google CrossFit Stamford.”

Those three words have ultimately changed my world better than any proved point or closet full of clothes. Not to go all Hannah Montana on everyone, but I’ve acquired so much more than materialist pride.

What is your favorite movement?

OLY and gymnastics-based movements, please!! I favor the snatch to any other Olympic lift and I prefer handstand push-ups to any other gymnastics-based movement. What can I say: I love crying in the bathroom after repeated failed lifts and I love falling on my head because my arms aren’t strong enough to push myself off the two ab mats stacked under my crown!

What is your least favourite movement?

Oh, without any doubt or hesitation – WALL BALLS!! I used to think burpees, but no; it’s definitely wall balls (yuck!). Even on Goat Day, my favorite day in the box, I can’t bring myself to practice wall balls. I’ve managed to fly under the radar for a while throwing the 10 pound ball, but no more – Kristie foiled my plan last week and now I’m required to throw the 14. Ugh…Momma knows best, haha!

What is the best thing about CrossFit Stamford?

I wish I could say something original like the best thing about CFS is “ripped hands,” or “avoiding the sweat drops on the floor during track drills (love that sh*t!),” but honestly it’s the community!! Before joining CFS I didn’t have any friends in Stamford. Thanks to CFS that’s all changed; I have an entire box full of friends! I actively look forward to getting my butt handed to me by whatever insane WOD the coaches have decided to unleash upon us, but this temporary rump-wooping is made even better knowing you’ll either be completing or competing the WOD with friends. Double score!!

Most memorable moment?

For me I believe I have two: 1) Last December I participated in an OLY competition only one month out of On Ramp. I had to be the first lifter on the platform…and maaaaybeeee fell flat on my butt during one of my lifts, but it truly was one of the best experiences of my life. I think that’s precisely what CrossFit is – freaking out, falling down, and then getting back up again! 2) A couple weeks ago I won second place in the spring Paleo Challenge. I was beyond ecstatic to have my hard work acknowledged because when you see the results it’s all worth the…sacrifice, if that’s even the right word. Stepping up on that podium was a-mazing!!

What are your fitness goals 3 months & 1 year from now?

3 Months: I’d like to be able to complete an RX workout solo. This just means more training…stay tuned…I’m gonna rock it!!

1 Year: I’d really like to think I could compete at an RX level. After watching the ladies in the RX category of The Partner World Championships of Exercise this past Sunday I’m seriously inspired. Makes me want to work that much harder!!

What are your favorite Paleo & non Paleo foods?

Paleo: I’m constantly experimenting with recipes, but thus far I’m obsessed with this Butternut Squash Lasagna I found through an app on my phone, YUM! It’s so easy to make and just delicious. Goes down like butter (without the expanding waistline side affect)!

Non Paleo: (as a treat) Peanut Butter. I also miss anything with gluten. I have an allergy so there are a plethora of foods I can’t enjoy anymore, but every now and then rules are made to be broken… That’s all I can say.

What advice would you give a potential new member?

Warm baths, Advil, Bengay, and lotion for your calloused hands – keep these in bulk because you’re going to need them A LOT: be good and fair to yourself – accept this is going to be hard, and at times, dirty and painful, but trust me…the payoff is worth it: if you get the opportunity to compete, DO IT – trust me, you’ll learn more about yourself than you know: introduce yourself to one new member each time you come to class and force yourself to partner with people you haven’t worked with – you’ll benefit so much from other members’ experiences, regardless of their time spent in the box, and finally: get intimate with Paleo – it’ll change your life completely and for the better, trust me!

A celebrity joins the gym, who do you hope it is and why?

I’d love to see Cameron Diaz join A) because she looks crazy athletic, but also B) because she has a crazy laugh that’s loud just like mine. (I’m slightly self-conscious of my laugh, especially when I think something’s really hysterical. It’s just so loud!) We’d be instant besties, I know it!

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I’m deathly afraid of trampolines and the ocean. Can’t pay me to go on one or in one!