7:00 am advanced

Warmup: 1 RNFT
Bicep/shoulder opener
Oblique opener :60 sec
T spine opener 12-15 reps
Lateral banded walks

Part 1: 15-20 min to build to heavy 5 rep low bar back squat @2211 (do these with no shoes on and a wide stance)

Part 2: Sandbag oh press + bench press + rope pull.

The sandbag press should be a weight that you can do 5 strict press then switch to push press from there and go until failure…then you will go immediately on to bench doing 5 reps close grip, 5 reps normal grip then 5 reps wide grip…then you will go immediately to 100 ft rope pull as fast as you can!)
Rest :60 – 90 sec then repeat

Part 3: 5 min EMOM of
5 kb/db bicep curls
5 rear delt raises

Finisher: 400 m heavy farmer carry