Jog to Fence and Back

Calf MOB with Barbell and Lax Ball Bottom of Feet

3 Tempo PVC OH Squats @ 3311
5R & 5L Plank Leg Sliders
10 Beat Swings
Handstand Hold or Wall Walk and Hold for 10 sec

Jog to Fence and Back


*Athletes opting to do the SPORT WOD will begin warming up their
cleans and setting up their weights


All together perform 1 Round of the following complex with a PVC and
making sure to practice the proper transitions from Front Rack to Back
Rack to Overhead Squat….

Then on the Coaches Command Perform:

Now with an Empty Barbell 2 Rounds NOT for time of:

3 Pendlay Rows
3 Hang Power Cleans
3 Front Squats
3 Overhead Squats
3 Back Squats

Place Bar on Ground and Rest for 30 sec between Rounds



All of the barbell weights are relatively light today with higher reps
– make sure you are doing the technique correctly instead of rushing
through the reps. The Overhead Squat weight will be the limiting
factor for most. Whatever weight you choose for the OHS is the weight
you will use for the rest of the WOD.

For time complete in order:

Run 1 Lap

3-4 Rounds of:
6 Pendlay Rows 
10 OH Squats 65/45, 55/35, 45/15

Run 1 Lap

3-4 Rounds of:
6 Strict or Kipping Pullups or 8 Ring Rows
10 Front Squats 65/45, 55/35, 45/15

Run 1 Lap

3-4 Rounds of:
6 TTB or Kipping Knee Ups
10 Back Squats 65/45, 55/35, 45/15

Run 1 Lap



8 Rounds for time of:
4 Bar Muscle Ups
2 Power or Squat Cleans Ascending in Weight

Every round begins with 4 Bar Muscle ups before moving to the barbell
for 2 cleans. Each round the athlete will progress to a heavier
barbell. Feel free to scale the MUs to 2 Per Round.

The athlete’s score is the total time it takes for them to complete
the event. If an athlete is unable to complete all the reps, they will
be ranked by total reps completed, with ties being broken by the time
of completion of the last successful rep.

Athletes get 1 Barbell and are responsible for changing and loading
their own weights.

Weight Rules – No Metal 10s on the barbells but 5’s and 2.5’s are of
course allowed. If you get to 225 you must use 4×45 lb plates

M 165-185-205-225-245-265-285-305 lbs
F 100-115-130-145-160-175-190-205 lbs


CFS Scaled:
M 135-145-155-165-185-205-225-245 lbs
F 85-90-95-100-115-130-145-160 lbs

2017 Games Weight for Comparison:
M 225-245-265-285-305-320-335-350 lbs
F 145-160-175-190-205-215-225-235 lbs