7:00 am advanced level

Warmup: 1 RNFT
Bicep openers 5/5/5/5
Shoulder opener 5/5/5/5
Oblique opener :60 sec
T spine opener 12-15 reps

Part 1: build to a max load of 50 ft yoke carry with hands to the side like a bench press

Part 2: 3 sets of rope pull sitting on ground with feet straddled out in front of you.
* I want you to use a weight that you can’t just fling the sled to you

Part 3: 4 sets of:
Sand bag squat @3211 x 6-8 reps
No rest…
Heavy 100 ft sled push
No rest…

Finisher: 3 sets of:
Bamboo overhead hold for 60-90 sec
Rest as needed between sets