7:00 am advanced level

Warmup: 1 RNFT
Bicep opener 5/5/5/5
Shoulder opener 5/5/5/5

Part 1: 3 sets dumbbell flys 8-10 reps
Rest as needed

Part 2: 3 sets of neutral grip lat pull downs to stationary dips both until failure. Rest as needed between sets

Part 3: 8 min amrap
5 sandbag squats + 50 ft sandbag carry + 20 sec sandbag hold

Part 4: Farmer carry + rope pulls.
2 sets until muscle failure for both movements. Pick a weight that allows you to get 100 ft for each movement. Drop the weight for farmer carry then shuffle right to the rope and start the rope pulls.

Finisher: 5 min emom
5 ab wheel rollouts + 5 rear delt raises