By popular demand starting Thursday, January 11th Coach Nick will be adding a 2nd Stamford Strong Class.

The intent of this class is to reduce any shoulder, lower back, knee, and hip problems. Build overall strength and fix any imbalances that are occurring with your everyday training. Strength & power will be done through carries and some static lifts without adding any extra stress on the joints. Balance and health should be a priority!

New Schedule:
Thursdays 6a.m. &
Saturdays 7:00 a.m.
$25 Drop-Ins
$80 Monthly Stamford Strong Membership

7:00 am strongman

External Obliques Opener:
External Obliques Opener With Leg Raises
T-Spine Opener

Shoulder Warm Up:
A. 4 rounds without rest of:
15 sec AMRAP or side raises (palms down) 15 sec of Hercules Hold (thumbs facing up)
Rest 1 minute, then…
B. 4 rounds without rest of:
15 sec of AMRAP side raises (thumbs up) 15 sec of Hercules Hold (palms up)
Rest 1 minute, then…
C. 2 rounds without rest of:
30 sec AMRAP of Dumbbell Presses with neutral grip 30 sec Dumbbell OH Hold

Skill Work
1-Arm Barbell Overhead Squat
60 seconds each earm

Sandbag or Stone Clean & Lat Pulldowns
EMOM 6mns. 5 reps of each exercise, both exercises on the minute

Sandbag/DB Press & Dumbbell Presses
3 rounds with 3 mns rest between rounds
5 heavy Presses + 30s DB Presses and 30s DB Hold

Sandbag “Fran“
For time – 21-15-9 reps of:
SB Thrusters

Triceps Extensions & Biceps Curls
EMOM 5mns of max weight for 5 reps of each exercise, both on the minute