7:00 am Strongman

External oblique opener
Bicep opener

Sumo Deadlift off of blocks
EMOM 7mns of Max weight for 5 reps.
No over-under/mixed grip. Use straps and go heavy, if you get to min 7 and you are still getting 5 reps you went to light!

Deadlift & Sled Sprint TYQ
1 set to muscle failure
Deadlift: max reps (choose a weight where you can get roughly 10 reps with a reset on the floor each time) and no mixed grip straight into max distance sled print. Give everything you have it’s only 1 set!

Side-Delt Raises & Barbell Bicep Curls TAO
EMOM 6mns of 5 reps for each exercise
5 Dumbbell Side Raises (seated), straight into 5 Barbell Bicep Curls

400m Sandbag Carry