Attack Your Weaknesses with the CFS Open Prep Series 2018

Performing optimally in competition requires more than being generally fit and strong. A confident mental game, controlled breathing and movement efficiency (doing things faster without expending additional energy) are skills that demand practice.

Think back to last February. Did you feel well prepared for the CrossFit Open? Were there movements you wish you had spent more time practicing under pressure? Could you have done a few more reps if you have been more efficient at touch and go Clean & Jerks? Did you make it to the bar muscle ups only to stand there running out the clock in frustration? Or is this is the first year you’ll be participating and you want to see what you’re capable of? What are YOUR strengths/weaknesses and how do you take that into account when breaking up a workout?

Join us for a 4 part series dedicated to achieving maximum results in competition, just in time for the 2018 CrossFit Open! Coaches Capo and Johnnie will lead participants through 90 minute sessions on Saturdays at 11am starting January 6th. Program breakdown listed below. Purchase the bundle for $100 or a la carte for $30/session (each week is capped at 20 members).

Sign up at the whiteboard. Each day has it’s own sheet to sign.

January 6th – Toes To Bar and Barbell/DB cycling for Power and Squat Cleans
January 13th – Butterfly Pullups and Barbell/DB cycling for Snatches
January 27th – Kipping Handstand Pushups and Barbell cycling Shoulder to Overhead
February 3rd – Mental Prep, Strategy, Breath Technique and application of skills in a Mock Open WOD. Movements for this session will be based on participants’ interest