I am a member at another CrossFit affiliate can I Drop In for a class?

Of course!  We love to meet visiting CrossFitters Click HERE to purchase a day pass.

All visitors must register online before arriving for class please. Other Affiliate Owners are welcome to drop in for Free.

I just moved to the area and have CrossFit experience. How do I get started?

In order to test out of the Kickoff Program you’ll need to complete a Skills Test. It’s a great opportunity to meet with a coach one on one
to discuss programming, class structure, scaling options etc.  In addition the coach will ask you to demonstrate your knowledge of the
movements and give you a short WOD.  There’s no cost to complete a skills test and we can schedule at your convenience.

Where can I review my account details and update my credit card?

Click here to login.  Choose “Payment Options” to add or edit billing information.

How do I cancel or hold my account?

All memberships are billed electronically on a monthly basis. Cancellations must be done in writing (email).  Send us a note at

Do you have showers?


What type of sneakers would you recommend?

The Reebok Nano was made specifically as a CrossFit sneaker we would highly recommend them. In our opinion it’s the best sneaker for what we do. Many members also like the Nike MetCons, Nike Free, No Bulls or good old Chuck Taylors.

Do you have Open Gym?

Yes but not during group classes.  Email info@crossfitstamford.com for details.

CrossFit has it's own lingo - AMRAP, WOD, Double Under. How can I find out what all these terms mean?

Check out the CrossFit Training Dictionary in this post on marcpro.com

I've never done CrossFit. Can I purchase a day pass?

Not yet!  If you’re new to CrossFit your first step is to complete the Kickoff Program.  Check out the details HERE.  After that you’ll have
the option of purchasing a monthly membership or a day pass.


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