Part 1

Focus Breathing/Sprinting
“Coach Capo special Warmup”
Pull up progressions for kipping and butterfly

Heavy Yates Rows
Weighted strict pull ups

Part 2

15min Running Clock
20sec Sprint PULL UPS*
10sec Transition
20sec Sprint PUSH UPS*
10sec Transition

20sec Sprint SQUATS*
10sec Transition
20sec Sprint GHD*
10sec Transition

20sec Sprint ROW*
10sec Transition
20sec Sprint DU’s*
10sec Transition

*to make things fun there will be a caveat on how you breathe per round


Push press
2(4) 55% of CJ
3(3) 60% CJ
2(2) 65% CJ

Front squat + Split jerk
3(2+1) 85%
3(1+2) 85%
1(1+1) 90%
1(1+1) 100-105% of CJ

Clean RDL
5(4) @95–100% of CJ