200 M Pec Stick Carry

3 Sets
Max DB Curls
Max DB OH Press
5 R/L Heavy DB Rows

Max Distance Farmer Carry

Bench Press
Start With The Weight You Finished With And Do 5 Max Rep Sets Stripping Weight All The Way Down To Empty Barbell

4 Rounds
1 Legless Rope Climb
10 Stone To Shoulder Or SB Clean


Every 7 minutes, for 35 minutes (5 sets) for times of:
250 Meter Row
50 Double-Unders
50 Air Squats
25 Push-Ups


Focus is building a stronger jerk. Each rep should be executed with intent even the lighter sets

Heavy 1/4 front squat hold
-stay upright
-active foot 
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2(3-5 second hold)
6(3-5 second hold) 100% of CJ

Push press

FS + Jerk
2(3+1) 80-90%
3(2+1) 90-95% of CJ
1(1+1) 100% CJ
1(1+1) go heavier/max

RDL (slow eccentric focus)
-feel tension
-keep back straight
3(RPE 9) light weight