5 sets 10 reps light dB bench press. Be slow and find the right tension!!
5 rounds 
10 light sandbag oh press 
14 alternating dB curls (IT)
Should be warm now!

Bench press 
Build up to 5 sets of 6 reps 
(Slow tempo eccentric 2-3 sec)
Touch the chest and raise the bar 2” above the chest and pause for 1 sec, finish the lift with as much speed as possible! Focus on control, tempo, and tension on the way down and as fast as possible on way up after the pause!

4 sets
5 front delt flies 
5 rear delt flies 
5 db rows (heavier dB here!)
5 sets 
1 Heavy sandbag clean 
Max sb push press 
Rest 1 min between sets 



Part 1- 15 min
Build to moderate heavy 
power clean + squat clean + 1 front squat

Focus on keeping the hips engaged on the squat motion (hips forward on the way up)

Part 2:
Power Clean 
1×65 1×70 1×75 1×80 1×85 1×90
3×3 at 75% 

Part 3:
Clean deadlift 
5×5 @ 100% of clean