6 sets: 
10 front rack sandbag walking lunges 
10 sb oh press
:30 sec front rack hold 
:30 sec rest 

Light kB single leg deadlifts 
2 sets each leg 10-15 reps 
Focus on hinge not speed or weight. 

HEAVY sled sprint 100 ft 
Rest as needed 
HEAVY sled drag 100 ft 
Rest as needed 
Take some weight off the sled and do 1 full all out sled sprint 100 ft

Sumo deadlifts 
Build to heavy set of 6 reps while maintains positioning.
5 sets of 6 reps at that weight



Part 1: clean pull + power clean + jerk (split or power)
Build to a single heavy then perform 3 complexes at that weight. 

Focus on proper bar path and finishing the pull in the power clean (not bouncing the bar off the thighs in a looping manner)

Part 2:
Squat clean with a two second pause just above the knee.
Build to a single heavy and then:
3×3 at 75% of today’s heavy

Part 3:
Clean and Jerk
3@70% 3@75% 2×2@80%

If finished early or after class:

No hook clean deadlift:
3×5 @ 100% of clean PR