2 sets 
50 Heavy Russian kB swings 

2-3 sets 
kB Dimmel deadlifts x 30 sec 
Max reps pushups 

Sandbag or med ball tosses 
3 sets for max distance 

Conventional deadlift 
Build to today’s heaviest 3 rep
4 sets of 2 reps at same weight
2 amrap sets same weight from 4 inch  blocks 

No touch and go reps all from dead stop!

1 max effort all out 200 m sled sprint



Part 1:
Muscle Snatch
(This will be used as a partial warmup/review of proper muscle Snatch dynamics)

Part 2:
Fist pull w/ a two second hold + Snatch
Build to 60% of one rep max and complete 5 sets

Part 3: 
1RM Snatch
Warmup to 85% and max out. Only 3 misses allowed at a given weight. 

Part 4:
Snatch Accessory work as assigned by coach.