The Open according to Crossfit:
“The Open is a five-week test of fitness. A challenge. A competition of opportunity. A celebration of discomfort, triumph, struggles and breakthroughs. It is a multifaceted kickoff of fitness open to anyone. All professions and cultures are welcome to compete. Taking part in this contest looks different for everyone. Some will train their hardest to go Rx’d, many will smartly scale as needed and more will watch and cheer their friends—all choices that are welcome. Should you do the Open? That’s a question for you to answer. Maybe that starts with an honest conversation leading to a plan with your coach. This is an Open invitation. Ready for a personal challenge that is scaleable and measurable across the globe?”

The OPEN runs from February 21 through March 25th. Sign up at the whiteboard for your CFS OPEN shirt by February 4th and get placed on a team by Captains Johnnie and Nick.

Want to see how you stack up again other crossfitters around the world? Register online here