1. What brought you to CFS?
I started Crossfit while I was in college at Syracuse and naturally I was addicted. So looking to continue getting my fix one of my fraternity brothers from school, who was from Stamford, brought me for the first time. That was two summers ago and I have to say there is no place like CFS.

2. What 1 thing would you like members to know.
I am obsessed with everything fantasy related. You name it Marvel Comics, Harry Potter, Star Wars, LOTR. Mention any of the above and I will be your friend. Oh and I take costume parties very seriously, plenty of evidence is included here.

3. What PR are you most proud of? What is your next PR goal?
Getting my first bodyweight Snatch. Next up getting what I call the 3/2 punch… a 300 lb Squat Clean and a 200 lb Snatch.

4. If you could have anyone coach you through a WOD, who would it be?
The Rock. No explanation needed here.

5. What were you like in high school?
Revenge of the Nerds and yes I am an Eagle Scout who played also so happened to play the Saxophone in the marching band.

6. What movie as a kid scarred you the most?
I really didnt watch many “scary” movies as a kid. But man when Old Yellar died I sure had nightmares my dog was next.

7. What is your biggest first world problem?
When that hunger pang hits just moments after having brushed my teeth.

8. What is your favorite meal, in detail?
Loaded Nachos and I mean LOADED. Large homemade tortilla chips on the bottom, triple mexican cheese blend, jalapenos, followed by beef and shredded pork, next up melted cheese. Then comes the guac and more guac and more guac, the dollop of sour cream and mango salsa, and finished off with some fresh shredded cheddar, cilantro and lime juice.

Yeah I’ve made this once or twice….

9. If you had $1 million, what would you spend it on? Give details!
Invest ¼ of it Stocks, IRA, what not
Student Loans
Parents Dream House
Build my Dream House
Donate about 50k to Charity
6 Month Trip around the World

10. What are you most grateful for?
The truly amazing group of people I have in my life that support me in so many ways that I cannot even put into words.. That includes all of the friends I have made during my time at CFS. You were all my first family when I moved here knowing nothing and no one. You all are the reason I decided to become a Coach, so that I could give back whatever I could to CFS.

See you all at the “BAR”.