Month: April 2018

TUESDAY 5.1.2018 WOD

PART 1 3-4 RNFT 6 R/L Half Kneeling Landmine Press 20 Alt Landmine Twist Acc :30-:60 Sec Free Handstand Hold Or 5 Wall Walks (Use A Partner For Balance) PART 2 “LOST YA MARBLES” 12 Min EMOM Min 1 – 8-12 HSPU Or :40 Sec Max Push-Ups @3111 (Add Deficit If Possible) Min 2 – …
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MONDAY 4.30.2018 WOD

You are the Hero in this story, remember this fitness quest that you’re on, this journey of health that you’re conquering, You are already the hero because unlike most you took the path less traveled, you took charge… Coaches, Family members and friends who support your journey are only giving you the tools to help …
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SUNDAY 4.29.2018 WOD

PART I: WARMUP Chris Hinshaw Track Drills 3 Sets with a Partner Banded Hill Sprints PART II: CONDITIONING A. 16 Minute AMRAP As a 3 to 4 Person Team Max Distance Sled Push *Run 2 Laps After Each Sled Push B. 16 Minute AMRAP As a 3 to 4 Person Team Max Calories Assault Bike …
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SATURDAY 4.28.2018 WOD

PART 1 “DR. STRANGE” FITNESS (Team Of 3 Break, Each Athlete Starts In A Different Station) 2 Rounds Of 4 Min Max Wall Balls :40 Sec Of Work :20 Sec Rest Rest 1 Min 4 Min Max Box Jump Overs Or Step-Up Overs :40 Sec Of Work :20 Sec Rest Rest 1 Min 4 Min …
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Z- Press 3 Sets of 10 Reps (All sets done at same weight. Go up from last time) Rear Delt Flies 8 sets of 4-6 Reps Rest 30-45 sec between sets Sandbag Press strict press into Push Press. Do 8 reps of strict sandbag press then go into max reps of push press until failure. …
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