1. What brought you to CFS?
I was brought to CFS by a friend. I was training at a regular gym doing day to day basic bodybuilding and calisthenics with a couple of functional workouts a month. He asked me to do on ramp program with him and I agreed and stopped other day to day training at regular gym because I loved CFS so much.

2. What 1 thing do you want members to know?
Find out your WHY? Most importantly when it comes to training if you can identify the reason you are training it will definitely help you figure out a balance and make that hour of your day the most efficient.

3. What PR are you most proud of? What is your next PR goal?
445 lb Back Squat. My next PR goal is to be able to carry 4x my body weight with the yoke at a fast pace with my hands to the side.

4. Who would you have coach you through a WOD and why?
Julien Pineau. I feel that I have been able to take all of the things I have learned from him to apply them to teaching and my own training. He is straight to the point no B.S with no sympathy for pain! Just keep going I don’t care if you are dying!

5. What were you like in high school?
I would say I was very motivated and energetic. I played a lot of sports and was always on the go, never could sit still.

6. What movie most scared you as a kid?
I would say JAWS, every time I swam in the ocean I would think about sharks. Still to this day I still wonder what’s under me in the ocean.

7. What is your biggest first world problem?
Not to many things bother me but I do have to say I like to be very neat and organized. A little OCD.

8. What is your favorite meal in detail?
Sunday dinner at my parents house. Fresh pot of sauce with meatballs, sausage, and ribs. Rigatoni for the pasta with a big plate of hot peppers and fresh loaf of bread. Always a good bottle of red wine to go with it.

9. If you had a million dollars what would you spend it on?
I would pay off my mortgage and put the rest to my kids education and investments.

10. What are you most grateful for?    
My family and health is all the matters. With them everything thing always seems to be great!