A message from Coach Johnnie about the 2018 OPEN:

Hey everyone, with the Open just wrapping up, take a minute to reflect on the success you had this year. Take note of your personal records and all your accomplishments. Maybe the Open made you do a new movement, or maybe you went heavier than normal. Maybe you saw a workout that scared you and you did it anyway. I think, more times than not, we forget to look at what we have done and just look on to the next task at hand.

Today I want you to take a moment, take a deep breath, enjoy the victory of the day. And now we start.

Take note: Please keep track of your success, whether it’s a new lift, new score on a workout or even a movement feeling better. These are all ways to notice success and see progress.

Proud of Achievements: If there is something you have never done before, or if you improved your score, weight or time BE PROUD OF IT.

“Work Hard in Silence and Let Success Be Your Noise.”