Month: March 2018

SUNDAY 4.1.2018 WOD

HAPPY EASTER! Classes are on their normal schedule. PART I: WARM-UP 2 Minute Assault Bike, Row or Jump Rope 8 Minutes of General Movement Flow & Hip & Shoulder Mobility PART II: AEROBIC CONDITIONING A. 2 Rounds Led By A Coach 1 Minute Steady State Bike/Row 1 Minute Tempo Pull-ups @21X2 1 Minute Tempo Barbell, …
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External oblique opener External oblique opener with yes T spine opener Bicep opener Build to a heavy 100 ft yoke carry Build to a heavy 100 ft farmer carry 3 sets 100 ft of fast reverse sled drags 2 sets of 100 ft heavy fast harnessed bear crawls Optional cool down: 400 m heavy sandbag …
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SATURDAY 3.31.2018 WOD

Saturday and Sunday classes are on their normal schedule PART 1 FITNESS/SPORT 5 RNFT Dual KB Complex (Deadlift+ Row+ Clean+ Thruster) 6-10 DB Seated Z Press 8-12 R/L Weighted Skater Squats PART 2 “IS YOUR FRIDGE RUNNING” (Goal- Have Fun and Push It) FITNESS 25 Min CAP (Team of 3, One Person Working At A …
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FRIDAY 3.30.2018 WOD

Great evening with Sarah from Barbells For Boobs dropping in to thank our community for our support over the last 5 years. CFS has raised a total of $14,109 and is currently the second top team in the state of Connecticut! Our very own Josh Ruth leads the state in individual fundraising ($3,101). Can’t wait …
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External oblique opener External oblique opener with leg raise T spine opener 3 sets of Sandbag or axle bar strict press x 6 reps per set building up to a heavy for the day Overhead Yoke Carry & Wide Grip Supinated Pull-ups (on yoke)300 meters. Every time you have to set the weight down, perform …
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