It’s almost that time of year! The 2018 CrossFit Open begins Feb 22nd and runs through March 26th.

What is the Open?

We created the CFS Intramurals a few years back and it’s a great way for all of us to get involved in some friendly competition with your friends. This year we will be dividing all of the athletes into two giant teams!

Here’s how it works:

Each Thursday starting February 22nd a live broadcast will be show on During the show a mystery WOD will be revealed and two CrossFit games athletes will complete the workout on the spot.

In class on Friday (the next day) we will program options for the following:

1. A CFS intramural Rx version – this may differ slightly from the (com Rx) depending on time, space, equipment etc.

2. A Scaled version with strict rules – example: if the Rx version calls for chest to bar pullups the scaled version might be ring rows.

3. New this year will be an Intermediate version. This will be similar to the Rx version but again will be modified with lighter weights or less advanced movements (chest to bar pullups may be adjusted to regular chin over bar pullups for example)

The top 5 scores from each division will contribute to the teams combined weekly score/time.

The team with the most victories at the end of the 5 week competition wins!

How do I sign up?

If you want to be a part of the CFS Intramural Fun – Sign Up at the whiteboard. $25 buys you a spot on the team and 2018 Intramural Shirt and 5 weeks of friendly competition.


If you are signing up for the official online competition and you also want to be included in the Intramural Team you must register for both (sign up at the whiteboard as well).

We hear this often – “I’m worried about hurting my team’s score”. You CANNOT hurt your teams’ score, you can only help it. Only the top 5 scores from each division, each week count towards your teams total score.

Deadlines to complete the workouts – Everyone will have all day Friday and open gym Saturday to complete the WOD of the Week.

You must have a judge in order for your score to be eligible for the Top 5 placements in any category.

Sign Ups at the Whiteboard today. Be sure to sign up soon there is a deadline on this because we have to get the T Shirt order in time.

If you have any questions coaches will be happy to explain how it works!