The 2017 Fall Challenge kicks off on September 18th! – Click Here to Register

Workouts are important but it takes more than that to reach your goals. For the next 30 Days we’ll focus on making lifestyle changes to improve aesthetics and performance. Rack up points for healthy eating, exercise, recovery, sleep and hydration.

Cost to play is $40 – this amount will be used to pay for bodyfat testing and purchase info packets with point tracking sheets, the rest is prize money!

Time slots for bodyfat testing are limited. For the best selection REGISTER EARLY. Once you sign up you’ll receive an email listing open slots for testing. Respond quickly to secure a spot. Registration deadline is September 10th.

The Kickoff meeting is on Sunday, September 17th 12:15-1:145pm. We’ll discuss:

1. Rules of The Challenge and how to track points
2. Which foods you’ll be eating and avoiding (and why)
3. Macronutrients – how much protein/fat/carbs you should be eating to fuel your workouts and reduce bodyfat
4. Role of hormones in muscle building and fat burning

*New this season – 2 mini meetings along the way. Topics are TBA and based on a survey sent out to registered participants.

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