7:00 advanced level

Warmup: 1RNFT
Bicep openers 5/5/5/5
Shoulder openers 5/5/5/5
Oblique opener :60 sec
Hinge :60 sec

Part 1: build to 3 rep max sumo deadlift
*create as much external torque as possible on these. Once the weight gets to heavy to maintain external torque, you will put the plates on 3 inches so you can go heavy while still maintaining external torque.

Part 2: 2 sets until failure with 3 min rest between sets.
-Conventional deadlift (look to get somewhere around 15 reps while creating internal torque on these)
– wall balls until failure to a 10 inch target
*these sets should make you need every bit of 3 min rest in between

Part 3: 5 min emom
-5 weighted ab wheel rollouts
-5 rear delt raises
*you will complete all 10 reps on the min

Finisher/cool down ish
400 m heavy sandbag carry