Month: May 2017


Congrats and welcome to our May ONRAMP grads! OPTION 1: Active Recovery After the Group Warm Up perform in order: A. Foam Roll / Lacrosse Ball for 10 Minutes B. Row Bike or Jog at a conversational pace for 10 Minutes C. 10 Min AMRAP NFT focusing on PERFECT reps at conversational pace of: 10 …
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Sunday July 9th we’ll be hosting our Summer In House Partner Competition. It’ll be same sex partners with Rx and Scaled divisions. Expect to kick off around 8:00 am or 9:00 am and 3 to 5 WODs.  This is a members only comp with no coaches in it this time. Sign ups will be at …
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2017 Spring Challenge 2nd Place – Rich Fedeli Jr

I joined CrossFit Stamford back in the Fall, right after the 2016 Fall Challenge. As I was reading the essays of the three winners and seeing the amazing results of others, I thought to myself, ‟I can’t wait to sign up for the next Challenge!” By the time March came around, and the announcement was …
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WARM UP: 2 Min Row, Bike or Jump Rope 1 RNFT 15 External Rotations Palms Up Mini Bands on Wrists 15 Pushup Plus 15 Standing Bench Press Mini Bands on Wrists 15 Beat Swings 10 R & L Reverse Lunge on Sliders PART 1: 3 Rounds NOT for time: A1. 8-12 DB Flat Bench Neutral …
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2017 Spring Challenge First Place – Danielle Salters

This was my third challenge, but the first time I truly committed to full compliance. I focused on getting through the first week, knowing from experience that the sugar cravings would fade from there. It wasn’t easy given the two events with open bars that I faced during that time, but I took It one …
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