Bicep openers 5/5/5
Tricep openers 5/5/5
YTI 10/10/10
Jefferson squat warmup

A. 2 sets max reps
Wide grip strict pull-ups

B. Low bar pause back squats with no shoes
(Build up to a 3 rep max of a slow 3 second decent and a 3 sec hold in the bottom with a wide stance. DO NOT relax in the bottom, stay around parallel. Keep as much tension in the glutes, hamstrings, and quads as possible.)

C. One set max reps squat with a sandbag. (Goal is 20 reps, make them heavy and you will notice over time of doing these that you will have less and less of collapsing ankles once you find proper torque.)

Rest 60 sec then…..
max distance sandbag carry with same sandbag you used for the squat.

D. 2 sets max load
100 ft yoke carry
(This is one of the best overall movements you will do. It strengthens the t-spine and prob the best structural exercise for the barbell squat.)

E. 2 sets max load
Harnessed bear crawl sled drags


4 rounds
15 sec lateral raises
15 sec hold thumbs facing up
Rest 1 min….

4 rounds
15 sec lateral raises thumbs facing up
15 sec hold palms facing up
Rest 1 min….

2 rounds
30 sec dumbbell presses
30 sec hold oh

Cool down:

Option # 1
400 m heavy sandbag carry

Option # 2
200 m sled push (DO NOT walk i want this to hurt as much as possible)