Month: February 2017


FITCAMP with Clara WARM UP: Row or Bike 2 Minutes 3 RNFT 10 Beat Swings 5-10 Pushups 10 Air Squats Shoulder Y-T-W PART 1: FITNESS: P1 works for 3 Min then P2 works for 3 Min. Each person will only do each AMRAP once. 3 Min AMRAP: 21 Full Swings 53/35 21 Burpee No Jump …
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The scoring is the combined Rx and Sc Teams Total Points.  Individuals are ranked by their placement (1st place = 18 points…) Team Score is the combined point totals for each individual.  At the end of 5 Weeks the Team with the highest point total will be the winner.  Week 1 – 17.1 Winner is …
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TUESDAY 2.28.2017 WOD

1 RNFT High Knees Down and Back Butt Kicks Down and Back Length of Gym Down – Walking Forward Lunges Length of Gym Back Down- Bear Crawl Thoracic MOB + Lax Ball Shoulder Traps PART 1: 3 RNFT 8R & 8L – Single Leg RDLs Holding a Single DB Rx 50/35 8R & 8L – …
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MONDAY 2.27.2017 WOD

Kids Do Work WARM UP: 3 MInutes Row or Bike 2 RNFT 5 Pause Goblet Squats 5 Lateral Lunge 5R 5L (holding KB) 2 RNFT 10 Lateral Band Walk R & L 10 Single Leg Glute Bridges R & L Thoracic/Hip MOB PART 1: FITNESS/SPORT: Back Squat 8-6-4-8-6-4 Strict Pullups 8-6-4-8-6-4 After a set of …
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SUNDAY 2.26.2017 WOD

WARMUP: 2 Min – Row, Bike or Jump Rope 2 Rounds Bear Crawl the Length of Gym Crab Walk the Length of Gym Broad Jump Length of Gym (Perform One Burpee After Each Broad Jump PART I GYMNASTICS: 15 Minutes Practice Beginner/Intermediate Handstand Practice with Coach Capolessa Advanced Pull-Up Practice with Coach Bolella PART II …
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