Month: April 2016

SUNDAY 5.1.2016 WOD

MEDICINE BALL WARMUP: Followed By, Hip & Shoulder Mobility CONDITIONING: SPORT 3 Sets for Max Reps of 1 Minute of Wall Balls 30/20 1 Minute of Over-Unders 1 Minute of TTB 1 Minute on Assault Bike (Cals) 1 Minute Rest *15 Seconds of Transition Time Will Be Given Between Movements FITNESS 3 Sets of Max …
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SATURDAY 4.30.2016 WOD

WARM UP: 2 Min Row Bike or Jump Rope or Jog 1 Lap With an empty Barbell 2 RNFT 5 RDLs 5 Front Squats 10 Bear Crawls 2 RNFT 5 Snatch Grip High Pulls (from shin) 5 OHS 10 Glute Bridges 1 Thoracic MOB PART 1: WEEK 3 DAY 2 Front Squat 1X5 60% 1X5 …
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FRIDAY 4.29.2016 WOD

WARM UP: 2 Rounds NFT: Jog to #1 and Back 10 Hollow Rocks 10 Beat Swings Thoracic and Ankle MOB PART 1: PRIMER Today’s Benchmark WOD is Helen, this is known as the original CrossFit WOD before it had a name. This WOD is intended to be relatively light and fast with minimal breaks so …
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Sunday June 12th Partner Competition

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” – Fred Devito We are going to put a different spin on the usual partner competition this time and have a total of 6 Scored Workouts. 3 of the workouts will be in class, similar to the Open. Teams competing will have judges of course. Just …
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THURSDAY 4.28.2016 WOD

WARM UP: Base Track Drill and Dynamic Stretches Shoulder Y-T-W with Light Plates 35 MIN AMRAP NFT: Farmer Carry to End of Driveway and Back without Putting Weight Down (Pinch a Pair of 45’s, 35’s or 25lb Plates) 10 Challenging Box Jumps – Step Down 5-10 Strict Pullups – use the least amount of assistance …
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