Month: November 2015

TUESDAY 12.1.2015 WOD

WARM UP: 2 Rounds NOT for time 30 DUs 20 Empty Bar Thrusters 10 Burpees Coaches’ Choice of Thoracic and or Shoulder Mob PART 1: 10 MIN AMRAP of: 2 Muscle Ups* 4 HSPU any scale 8 Russian Swings (heavier than you normally would swing) Remember to be less concerned with your score and more …
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MONDAY 11.30.2015 WOD

Ed keeping up with his workouts while across the pond! WARM UP: 5 MIN AMRAP of :30 sec Jump Rope 5 Pushup Plus 5 Pushups 5 Pass Thrus 5 PVC OHS Coaches’ Choice – Thoracic MOB Drill 1 RNFT with Empty Barbell all Snatch Grip 5 Deadlift 5 High Pull 5 Muscle Snatch 5 OHS …
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SUNDAY 11.29.2015 WOD

WARMUP: Partners Will Each Complete Two Sets (Alternating) of: Shoulder Prep 7 Banded Pull Aparts 7 Wall Angels 7 R & L External Rotations AMRAP NFT 5 R & L KB Deadlifts 5 Goat Back Swings 5 Pause Squats SKILL: 10 Minutes to Determine Weight for WOD. May Scale to Wall Balls. CONDITIONING: Indoor Team …
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SATURDAY 11.28.2015 WOD

You know its a tough workout when… WARM UP P1 5 Pushups + Pushup Plus + 10 Pull Aparts (red bands) P2 Rows until P1 is done Each partner will complete 2 Rounds Coaches’ Choice of Shoulder MOB PART 1: 5 Rounds of: A1. Bench Press – 5 Reps building up in weight A2. Strict …
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FRIDAY 11.27.2015 WOD

10am and 11am classes only today! WARM UP: A. Track Drills B. Coaches’ Choice of 1-2 Hip MOB Drills and Rack Position MOB then… P1 2 Min of Jump Rope P2 2 Min AMRAP of with an empty barbell perform: 5 Deadlifts 5 Power Cleans 5 Front Squats …switch “BLACK FRIDAY” In Teams of 3: …
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