Month: October 2015

SUNDAY 11.1.2015 WOD

WARMUP: 2 Rounds: 60 Second JR 30 Banded Squats Game: Tiger Walks The Elephant MOBILITY: Hips/Hamstrings CONDITIONING: 20 MINUTE EMOM With a Partner (of the same height) alternate between the two excercises at the start of each minute, accumulate as many burpees as possible in the time remaining: Minute 1 Partner 1 Prowler Push Across …
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  WARM UP: Track Drills then… With a Light KB 3 Rounds of: 3 R & L Windmills 3 R & L Single Leg RDLs 10 R & 10 L Band Walk PART 1: With a Partner. 1 Person works at a time. Teams may perform the stations in any order. 80 Wall Balls Toss …
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Lori Capossela Challenge Essay

Lori Capossela 3rd Place Challenge Essay I LOVE THE CHALLENGE! This journey has been a win/win for me. I have been struggling to lose weight for 10 years, every year my weight has been creeping up. When I started Cross fit I told Kara, I’d be 30 pounds thinner and in great shape in 6 …
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FRIDAY 10.30.2015 WOD

WARM UP: 3 Rounds of Jump Rope :30 sec 5 RDLs 5 Hang Power Cleans 5 Strict Presses Hip MOBs Coaches’ Choice PART 1: OLY Technique: Power Clean to Push Jerk build to “heavy of the day” Advanced: Power Clean – 75%x3x5 PART 2: STRENGTH Overhead Squat – 75%x2x5 Clean Pull – 90%x3x5 Back Extension …
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Christina DellaCamera is running for Stamford’s Board of Finance

One of our members, Christina DellaCamera, is running for the Board of Finance in Stamford. She has over 10 years of experience in the finance industry and her background has given her a solid foundation to implement sound financial practices onto the board. She hopes to add a fresh business perspective. Her main focus is …
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