Part 1: Midline

100 Hollow-Rocks For Time
Every Time You Break 30 Second Wall Walk/HS Hold

Scale by Volume and Time

Part 2: Barbell Mobility

Part 3: “The Barbell Workout”

Athletes Choose a 45/25 Barbell

Every Five (5) Minutes For 30 Minutes Complete One of the Following Exercises with the Barbell.

2min OHS 45/25
2min Bicep Curl Complex
2min OH Walking Lunges
2min Thrusters
2min Windshield Wipers
2min Strict Press

In the Three (3) Minutes Remaining Complete Either:
1 Lap or
a 400m Run

Scale by Movement or to Dumbells



WARM-UP: Squat Therapy

PART 1: Approximately 40 Minutes Of Continuous Practice

Starting w/ an empty barbell.

1. EOMOM 1 High Hang 1/2 Squat Clean + 1 Hang 1/2 Squat Clean for as long as possible.

2. Once you can no longer complete the 1/2 Clean Complex , EOMOM Clean Without Using Your Feet x 2

3. Once you can no longer complete the Cleans Without Using Your Feet, EOMOM 1 Full Clean + 1 Jerk Step

General Note: Today you may increase the weight after every successful set.