Don’t you hate it when you follow a recipe that claims it’s a healthy substitute for some decadent dessert that sounds incredible and it tastes like dried dirt that needs some salt?

Should we even be surprised at this outcome when brownie ingredients read:  broccoli, almond flour and cocoa powder?  I’ve kicked myself many times for believing stuff like this. Someone once told me that mixing egg whites and cinnamon tastes “just like” french toast.

Check out my epic fail of a “peanut butter chocolate loaf”.  I ate it anyway (spoiler alert: it didn’t even taste as good as it looks) but since then I tend to stick to the safe stuff like banana bread.

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The reason I bring this up is that I ventured back out into the weird world of Paleo desserts in search of my boyfriend’s favorite for Valentine’s Day – cinnamon rolls.  I scoured the internet in search of a recipe without sugar, white flour and vegetable oils.  I wasn’t interested in versions that could also be eaten for breakfast (i.e. not sweet at all).  I was looking for a dessert that wouldn’t make me feel like s*** the next day.  What I found was perhaps the best paleo-fied treat I have ever eaten.  These look and taste like the REAL THING!


I’ve been around the block when it comes to paleo recipe sites so I was surprised that I had never ended up on this one before.  I am definitely interested in what else this woman is cooking, I’m already a big fan.  Notes on the rolls: They are slightly more labor intensive than a brownie or cookie but definitely worth the extra 10 minutes of work.  Consume within reason, there’s a lot of butter in here.

The Best Paleo Cinnamon Rolls (Ever) –