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Starting next week we’ll be entering a new cycle focusing on the Strict Pullup.

Why Strict Pullups?

The #1 Reason – To keep your shoulders healthy!

The #2 Reason – Apply your new strength/stability to improve other movements (Toes to Bar, Muscle Ups, Handstands…) and increase efficiency.

Here’s how the program works.

You will find your Max Strict Pullup Reps starting point on Tuesday. If you don’t have an unassisted pullup yet you will be performing Negatives.

A strict pullup starts with a dead hang, arms fully extended and finishes with your chin completely over the bar. Between each rep you must return to a dead hang with a 1 count pause. Any kipping or momentum is not allowed.

Once you have your starting # we’ll be following a simple but effective program named the “50 Pullup Program”.

We’ll be doing our pullups on Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday after the warm up. It will only take between 7-10 minutes to get your sets done. After 2 weeks you will retest and that score will determine your next progression.

The plan is to work thru 3 full cycles (6 weeks).

Take a minute and familiarize yourself with the program a little bit by clicking here. The coaches will explain it in class and we’ll have progression sheets available as well at the gym.

In the meantime here’s a good article about the benefits of Strict Pullups by the Tabata Times and another one by PT Dan Pope.