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REMINDER – Saturday NO YOGA this week

PART 1: 3 Rounds NFT

7 Single Leg Deadlifts on R & L
60 sec break
Max Set of Strict HSPU or Max Set of Strict DB Press Seated
60 sec break

PART 2: 21 Min EMOM

MIN 1 – STRICT C2B Pullups (Min 1 – No Max)
MIN 2 – Weighted Step Ups (5 R & 5 L) Hold a Pair of DBs
MIN 3 – Row (Min 8 Cals – No Max)


C2B – These can be negatives or straight leg Ring Rows as well.

Step Ups – Most athletes should be using a 20″ box at the most. Remember the top of your thigh should be parallel to the box.

Row – Good guideline would be to give yourself at least 15-20 sec so choose the appropriate CAL scheme.