Month: July 2014


In Exactly 20 Min Establish a: 1 Rep Snatch Power or Full In Exactly 20 Min Establish a: 1 Rep Clean and Jerk Power or Full – No Press outs


PART 1: 15 Min AMRAP NOT FOR TIME 5 to 10 Elevated Ring Rows feet on a box 10 Total Alternating Reverse Lunge (holding a KB in the goblet position) Jog to 100m PART 2: 3 Rounds for time: 50 Fwd Walking Lunges 15 Burpees PART 3: Coach led stretch -OR- OLY WOD WEEK 11/12 Snatch- …
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“Fitness Test” 20 Minute AMRAP 50 Wallballs 50 SUs 40 Box Jumps/Step-Ups 40 Sit-Ups 30 Ring Rows 30 KBS 20 Cals 20 DB Strict Press 10 Tire Flips 10 Strict Pull-Ups 10 Push-Ups -Or- “Challenge” 40 Wall Balls 40 DUs 30 Sledge Hammer Strikes 30 Sandbag Lunges 200m Weighted Run 20 Plate Burpees 10 Tire …
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Kids Do Work WOW 7.30.14

Warm-Up: 3 rounds: 10 side to side hops high knees to cone 10 side to side hops butt kickers to cone 10 side to side hops bear crawl to cone Skill: Slow motion squats WOD: 8min AMRAP 5 dips 10 step ups Run to cone and back Game: CF hopscotch Cool Down: Yoga poses

Ribs and BBQ Sauce Recipe by Tina

Dry Rub Ingredients: 1 TBS sea salt 1 TBS paprika 1 TBS garlic powder 1 TBS onion powder 1 TBS chilli powder 2 TSP of each: ground black pepper, cumin and cayenne pepper Seasoning and cooking the ribs: Combine all spices rub on both sides and place ribs on a baking sheet, rub side down Preheat …
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