Month: April 2014


“Hatch Squat Spreadsheet” PART1: 17-20 MIN FRONT SQUAT HATCH WEEK 4 DAY 2 5*70% 5*75% 5*75% 5*80% Between each set of squats perform a Bottoms Up KB Carry on each arm down the gym and in the other arm back across the gym. Walk should be slow and controlled. PART 2: Choose one CROSSFIT OPTION “DAS …
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Kids Do Work WOW

Here is a look at this weeks Kids Do Work Workout of the Week (WOW): Warm-up 3 rounds: Bear crawl forward to cone Bear crawl backward to cone 10 toe touches 10 mountain climbers Skill Rope climb WOD 8 minute Push-up Relay Game Survivor Ball Cool Down Group Stretch


PART 1: 2 RNFT 2 TGUs on R Arm 6 Alternating Reverse Lunges KB in Goblet Squat Position 2 TGUs on L Arm 6 Alternating Front Lunges KB in Goblet Squat Position PART 2: Each Individual will complete 4 Individual rounds scored/timed separately. Each person should get about 3 min of rest after their set. …
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Kyle taking a closer look to make sure Kristie is using the new wet-vac properly. “MARATHON MONDAY” 5 Rounds 4 Squat Clean and Jerks 185/125 15 C2B Pullups 13 Lateral Burpees Over the barbell Immediately after completing 5 Rounds. – RUN 800m. Your time is your total time for all 5 rounds plus the 800m …
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Cheryl – Winner of the 2014 Teachers Award!

“Greenwich Public Schools: 2014 Distinguished Teacher Awards Winners” Congratulations to CFS’s very own Cheryl, winner of the Greenwich Public Schools 2014 Distinguished Teacher Award!  Cheryl is one of the morning regulars, and her intense work ethic extends far beyond the walls of our gym. From the Greenwich Free Press Article: “The Greenwich Distinguished Teachers Awards …
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