Month: October 2013


“RUNNING IN THE STORM” With Partner. One person working at a time. 6 Min AMRAP of each 1 Min Rest Between CINDY 5 Pullups 10 Pushups 15 Squats ANNIE 50,40,30,20,10 DUs Situps KAREN 150 Wall Balls 6 mins of continuous work, when 6 min is up you have 1 min of rest. Each WOD is individually …
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Paleo Coffee Marinated Steak Fajitas from

Easy paleo recipe from  I made this last night and it was pretty tasty!  (For Full Prep and Cooking Instructions CLICK HERE).  Be sure to prep the night before you plan to cook so you can marinate the steak. Ingredients For the marinade 1.5 cups Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee (**I used regular Dunkin Donuts Coffee) 1 …
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“Benefitst of Improving Your Posture” – Gym Junkies via Fit as F*ck EVERYONE TOGETHER: 15 MIN CLOCK – SNATCH BALANCE + 1 OHS off the Rack – Find Challenging Single 15 MIN CLOCK – POWER CLEAN + PUSH JERK – Find Challenging Single CHOOSE ONE: PAUSE BACK SQUAT – Hit a heavy single of the day …
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Unofficial World Records in Weightlifting, Plus Bonus Squats! If you’re sitting at your desk or watching on your iPhone in complete awe of these lifts, can you imagine having your head explode with excitement watching these guys lift in person… in our very own gym?!! Now, I know what you’re thinking, “What sort of low-odds sweepstakes do I have to win to …
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15 Things a Weightlifter Should Have in Mind – “GOAT RODEO” 100 DUs 20 TTB 80 DUs 20 HSPU head to floor for men and women for Rx 60 DUs 20 Alternating Pistols 40 DUs 20/5 Muscle Ups 20 DUs Rx’d Times:  


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