Matt Do Work

Each month the coaches vote for one member who exudes the attitude and work ethic of a true CrossFitter. Matt has been a part of the gym for over two years and has been involved in the CFS community right from the start. He is probably best known for being ridiculously strong and a top competitor but he is always been welcoming to the new members.

How long have you been CrossFitting?
I started CrossFitting just before the move to the new spot on Selleck… so about 2 years?

Why did you join CrossFit Stamford?
I needed a change of routine and when Tino emailed me at work one day about CrossFit Stamford I knew I had to give it a try.

What is your favorite movement?
Power clean.

What is your least favorite movement?
Burpees are the absolute worst. I tend to overlook these in workouts and then they usually end up being the part that crushes me.

What is the best thing about CrossFit Stamford?
The energy and enthusiasm of members and coaches make CFS an awesome place to workout. There’s also a cool team vibe to the place where people are always pulling for each other to be successful.

Most memorable moment?
Definitely some of the more embarrassing ones early on… like attempting my first HSPU in a competition (which did not go well) and having some great workouts ruined by my inability to do DUs.

What are your fitness goals 3 months & 1 year from now?
3 months from now I hope the CFS team will have crushed some local team comps. 1 year from now it would be unreal if a team from CFS just finished up competing at the games.

What are your favorite Paleo & non Paleo foods?
The best paleo dish I’ve had is spaghetti squash bolognese. I really love italian food and this is a great substitute. My favorite non-paleo food is a mint oreo blizzard from Dairy Queen.

What advice would you give a potential new member?
If you’re having trouble with a movement practice it for a couple minutes everyday and you’ll be surprised how fast it becomes natural. Also, the coaches, other members and YouTube have a TON of pointers that go a long way.

A celebrity joins the gym, who do you hope it is and why?
Daenerys Targaryen. If you’ve seen the show you probably feel the same way.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.
I’m a fan of way too many shows on TV. If I won the lottery I would totally be one of those people that blows it trying to become a professional golfer.