Month: September 2012


Stop What You’re Doing and Go Place Your Order from Cross Cuisines  PART 1: -50 WOD – Build to Power Clean and Push Jerk 50+ WOD – 10 Unbroken Touch and Go Power Clean and Push Jerk PART 2: “Get Out The Way” 3 Rounds 20 Burpees Run 1 Lap Top Scores: T-Rich – 6:13 Garrett …
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Sunday 9.30.12 WOD(s)

Congrats to “Shake N’ Bake” Ed and Grip and “Death Machine” Erica and Kayla on winning the competition Saturday! Great to see so many new competitors who stepped up and got in the ring to compete. Awesome effort by all. Big thank you to all the judges (Brian, Skank, Jess, Alex, Kevin, LA, Adam and …
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Reminder no classes today for the competition

Why should I order Produce from Mike’s Organic Delivery?

1.  Locally grown in season fruit and vegetables taste better.  Compare the tomato grown in the spring in your backyard to the one bought at the supermarket in the winter.  Those winter tomatoes are grown in Florida and the “tomato breeders have concentrated essentially on one thing and that is yield — they want plants that …
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No classes on Saturday for the competition – Sunday 10:00 & 11:00 are on “CINDY” 20 min AMRAP 5 Pullups 10 Pushups 15 Squats In order to qualify for the benchmark board you must do it with a judge and has to be Rx. Competitors for Saturday take the day off, mobilize, stretch and get …
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