Month: May 2012

Thursday 5/31/12 WOD

Part I 3 sets of unbroken HSPU Big Dawgs: hands on 45lb plates/head to floor Pack: head to floor/1 Ab-mat Pups: Kick-ups/Wall Walks/Negatives Part II 10 KB Clean and Jerks + 10 Burpees 8 KB C&Js + 8 Burpees 6 KB C&Js + 6 Burpees 4 KB C&Js + 4 Burpees 2 KB C&Js + …
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Wednesday 5/30/12 WOD

With a partner and 1 bar, complete the following: 50 Front Squats 40 Shoulder to Overhead 40 Front Squats 30 Shoulder to Overhead 30 Front Squats 20 Shoulder to Overhead BD: 135/95 Pack: 115/75 Pups: 95/65 or any DB weight Advanced WOD (to be done individually) 40 Back Squats 145/95 20 Shoulder to Overhead 145/95 …
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Tuesday 5/29/12 WOD

Part I Big Dawgs: 3 sets of max reps of C2B pull-ups Pack: 3 sets of max reps of pull-ups Pups: Practice on kipping  motion Take 2 minutes rest in-between sets. Part II Work towards a heavy Power Clean Part III For 2 rounds with a partner, run 2 laps for time.

Memorial Day WOD

Big thanks to everyone who came out and to everyone who generously donated!!!

Coach’s Corner

Gotta Be The Shoes by Felipe Polanco Sorry for the late post but I’ve been recovering from Regionals this weekend.  Anyone else reading this would think I actually competed but we all know I just went in hopes that some of the awesome-ness that is “Boom-sauce” would rub off.  No such luck!!!  Anyway, I promised …
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