Pull-Up/HSPU Clinic Tomorrow
3 spots left…sign up today!!

5 Rounds (NFT)

Max Reps of Bodyweight Bench Press
Max Reps of Strict Pull-Ups

Here’s a note from Colin C. about his weekend…

Hey Team,
Garrett Hoelscher and I thought you would a pic from an epic 20 mile hike that we completed last weekend. Covering the Presidential Traverse over 2 days (camping above tree line) and summiting more than 4 peaks (including Eisenhower and Mt Washington), it took about 36 hours (the 60 lbs packs really made it a work out)!! We would have completed the trail much sooner, but we had a couple of slow pokes in our group (ie non-Crossfitters). I’ve got to say, the whole trip felt like back squats and wall balls!!