Month: March 2012

Saturday 3/31/12 WOD

Due to the Pull-Up/HSPU clinic, the gym will be closed from 11am-1pm. Complete the following for time: 10-1 Descending ladder of Front Squats 135/95, 95/65 1-10 Ascending Ladder of Burpees Ever wonder how a couple NBA and MTV stars would hold up in a CrossFit WOD!? See how many NO-REPS you can count as Jason …
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Friday 3/30/12 WOD

Pull-Up/HSPU Clinic Tomorrow 3 spots left…sign up today!! “Lynne” 5 Rounds (NFT) Max Reps of Bodyweight Bench Press Max Reps of Strict Pull-Ups Here’s a note from Colin C. about his weekend… Hey Team, Garrett Hoelscher and I thought you would a pic from an epic 20 mile hike that we completed last weekend. Covering …
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Thursday 3/29/12 WOD

Option 1 Part I A. 20min to establish your 1RM Squat Snatch.  Olympic rules apply (no press outs!) B. 5×1 Snatch Grip Pulls Part II 7min AMRAP 3 HSPU 25lb plates for guys/1AM or lower for ladies 6 Pistols Option 2 5 Individually Timed Rounds 250m Row 20 Box Jumps 20 DB Push Press   …
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Wednesday 3/28/12 WOD

This Saturday is the Pull-up/HSPU Clinic.  There are a few spots left. If you haven’t signed up yet, sign up now!! 30min AMRAP (not scored) 1 Rope Climb 3 Inverted Burpees/Wall Walks Cone-to-Cone Burpee Broad Jump 30 Unbroken DUs/30 DUs/30 DUs Attempts 1 min Max Effort for Calories      

Kids Do Work Weekly Wrap-up Week of 3/19/12

The athletes from “Kids Do Work” have worked really hard this week on their gymnastics skills. We practiced skin-the-cats, monkey hangs and swings, and Tarzans. We welcomed Kelly, Noah, Skyler, Cody, Elijah, and Alexendra to their first classes. We are so proud of their progress and effort in every WOD! Keep up the great work!!!


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