We had a blast with teams from Marblegate and Goldman Sachs in our very first corporate competition!  It was a valiant effort by Goldman (they were even gracious enough to don the pink unicorn tshirts made for them by their opponents) but in the end Marblegate was victorious with our own Andrew Milgram at the helm.  Congratulations everyone! 

WOD #1:
10 Minute AMRAP Relay style
12 Front Squats (35/20lb DBs)

WOD #2:
For time with 2 members working at a time
Row 2000m
100 Shoulder to Overhead

WOD #3:
Pick Your Poison – each member must complete 2 of the following in this order:
4x Suicide Run
40 Ball Slams
40 Weighted Walking Lunges
40 Box Jumps
100 Double Unders
40 Wall Balls
40 Swings
40 Burpees