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Option 1a

20min to find a heavy Hang Power Clean/Power Clean

Option 1b

Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes, perform push-ups and sit-ups.  Choose a rep scheme that allows you to complete all reps for the entire 10 minutes.

Rep scheme options: 10+10, 8+8, 5+5

Option 2

3 Rounds

500m Row
10 Power Snatches 135/85, 125/75


Pete     9:34
AP        10:32
Nick      10:47
Matt     11:25
Ian       12:26
Greg     12:38

Ed        11:30
Mike L   14:29
Ninja     14:30
Les       14:58
Brad      15:03
Chris C.  15:27

Amanda 12:27
Krista   12:50

Hilary   15:39
Beth    15:42
Melissa 15:46
Kristie  16:16

Shout out to Alex P. who PR’d on his Power Clean today!!!

Andrew laying the CFS smackdown at CF St. Thomas!!  Were you served a mojito in a lounge chair after each round!?

Post your score to comments and Beyond the Whiteboard.