Good morning rockstarts!!  Hope all is well.  Unless you came to class this morning.  Then your legs hate you. 

Just a few reminders for the weeks and month ahead:

Paleo Challenge: The Paleo Challenge has been extended with no limits on WODs, stretching is no longer needed and you can eat whatever you want.  I’M KIDDING!!  However, if you want to be considered for the top spot, make sure your spreadsheets are in and a before/after picture MUST be submitted.

Coat Drive: Its that time of year where we start buying new jackets and we forget we have a bunch in the closet.  If there are any jackets/coats you’re willing to part with, please bring them in and towards the end of the month, I will bring them to the Midnight Run organization in Scarsdale, NY.  I’ll make sure they get all the donations just in time for their larger Christmas Run.

Paleo Pot Luck: Two of your members, Esme and Sarah C., have been kind enough to host a Paleo Pot Luck for THIS Saturday, December 3rd at 2pm.  Feel free to come and bring your favorite dish.  There will be a sign-up on the door.