Paleo points for last week must be submitted today with the daily breakdown.  If you don’t submit points you will not be considered for the prize money.  We’ve received several submissions with perfect points so far, this is going to be a tight race! 

There will be NO Paleo Meal delivery today.  Delivery will resume tomorrow.

20min AMRAP

30 DUs
15 Pull ups
30 DUs
15 Push ups
30 DUs
15 Sit ups
30 DUs
15 Squats

Are you addicted to exercise!?  You’d only be addicted to exercise if you cook meals in bulk for the week, purchase specialized clothing for your workouts and, like Pavlov’s dog, incessantly refresh your gym’s website, hoping the WOD has been posted.  I HIGHLY doubt that is anyone at CFS so you should all be ok…

Awesome job by Tino and Sarah…awesome time had by all!!!  For more pics, check them out here.

Post your score to comments or Beyond the Whiteboard.