Agility Ladder Drills

5 Rounds NOT for time:
5-7 Dips (rings, stand or assisted)
Rest 60 sec
7-9 Toes to Bar (practice kipping or go strict) 
Rest 60 sec
15 Consecutive Rebounding Box Jumps 

For box jumps choose a height that allows you to complete the reps unbroken

Tips for Rebounding Box Jumps:

1. Keep your eyes and chest up when landing on the box. Try not to lean over at your waist which will screw up your balance.

2. When jumping off the box, jump UP while opening your hips not BACK. This way you’ll land close to the box – aim to land in the same spot each time. 

3. Land on the balls of your feet and immediately jump back up, do not let your heels touch the ground or reset yourself. 

4. Finally use your arms to help create a rhythm. Start off on a lower box and progress up as your technique improves. 

Congratulations to the July 2011 On Ramp Graduates!!! Welcome Jeff K “Kang!”, Pete G, Olivia, Yvonne, Andrea, Jacki, Shocki, Beth, Nydia, John, Brian “T-Baum” – missing from the pic last night Manny, Brendan, Joe G and Keisha.